GoNoodle is a health-focussed entertainment product used in 4 out of 5 US schools.  Kids can now join GoNoodle Champ ‘McPufferson’ in GoNoodle’s new Hide and Seek game on Roblox. 

  • Vote to hide or seek in different Champ worlds. The ‘Alpha’ game includes Squatchy’s Forest and Om Petalhead’s Magical Garden, with more locations to be added
  • Explore each Champ’s world, find surprises, earn power ups, strive to make the leaderboard, and purchase upgrades
  • Make a note of the best hiding places for when you’re the seeker! 

The Alpha of ‘GoNoodle Hide and Seek’ was launched in 2 months. Following a period of user testing, the game is being built on ‘in public’, as we incorporate player’s feedback into the game and future updates.

  • Weekly updates scheduled for Q2. One large update scheduled for Q3
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