Education company Sir Dapp creates products that teach kids social lessons, helping them learn and understand how to develop manners, kindness and treating others with respect. 

  • Explore Sir Dapp Von Clapp's huge Mysterious Manor in Roblox. Run around the rooms with friends and meet the characters as you go - but, you’ll have to find them first!
  • There are lots of hidden surprises - work your way through The Manor’s weird and wonderful rooms to find secret doors, tunnels, elevators and passageways. Who knows where you’ll end up! 
  • Work together to complete tasks set by Sir Dapp, Dollie and Grumpy Gertrude. Can you find something in the Manor that will help put a smile back on Grumpy Gertrude’s face? 
  • Find the most hidden items, or find them the fastest to get bonus points and win a spot in the next round

Alpha test launching September, full launch Autumn 2021

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