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Plus, we love Roblox so much we monitor over 10m Roblox games every day. Ever wondered what new styles of games are blowing up, what’s no longer cool? We know! 
Our team do it all; design the games, build them, playtest them with kids, market the games to millions of players, and run live operations. Why not play some of our games and get in touch?

GoNoodle Hide & Seek!

GoNoodle is a health-focussed entertainment product used in 4 out of 5 US schools.  Kids can now join GoNoodle Champ ‘McPufferson’ in GoNoodle’s new Hide and Seek game on Roblox. 

  • Vote to hide or seek in different Champ worlds. The ‘Alpha’ game includes Squatchy’s Forest and Om Petalhead’s Magical Garden, with more locations to be added
  • Explore each Champ’s world, find surprises, earn power ups, strive to make the leaderboard, and purchase upgrades
  • Make a note of the best hiding places for when you’re the seeker! 

The Alpha of ‘GoNoodle Hide and Seek’ was launched in 2 months. Following a period of user testing, the game is being built on ‘in public’, as we incorporate player’s feedback into the game and future updates.

  • Weekly updates scheduled for Q2. One large update scheduled for Q3
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Elf on the Shelf

A forever favorite around the Holidays, Elf on the Shelf has been entertaining kids and families for decades.  This holiday season, kids can find The Elf On The Shelf in Roblox too!

  • Land at the centre of Santa’s North Pole to explore, visit shops, meet the elves and reindeer helping prepare Santa for his busiest night of the year
  • Visit the Arena and go head-to-head in a massive Snowball fight! Get allocated a team, and battle it out in the snow. Who would have thought you could fire Snowballs from a smoking cannon?! 
  • Earn points as a team for all players you hit, and survive the longest to get bonus points and other surprise power-ups 
  • Spend your hard earned points on weapon upgrades, extra lives and get into the festive mood with lots of Christmassy cosmetics!

Alpha test launching September, full launch Autumn 2021

Coming Soon

Master Moley Moletown

Land into the centre of Moletown and explore this fantastical world. There's lots going on, and many places to visit with friends! 

Meet Master Moley, Mystic Mole, and Mona-Lisa as they guide you around their magical home.

  • Players become a Mole and visit the park to bounce on mushrooms, sit on the swings, and sail down the slide. 
  • Dive off the magical waterfall and swim to the bottom of the lake to find hidden treasures. 
  • Race around the tunnels against friends.
  • Dig tunnels and uncover precious metals which can be sold for upgrades.
  • Play the smash hit game with over 100,000 plays on the opening weekend.

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Sir Dapp Educational Game

Education company Sir Dapp creates products that teach kids social lessons, helping them learn and understand how to develop manners, kindness and treating others with respect. 

  • Explore Sir Dapp Von Clapp's huge Mysterious Manor in Roblox. Run around the rooms with friends and meet the characters as you go - but, you’ll have to find them first!
  • There are lots of hidden surprises - work your way through The Manor’s weird and wonderful rooms to find secret doors, tunnels, elevators and passageways. Who knows where you’ll end up! 
  • Work together to complete tasks set by Sir Dapp, Dollie and Grumpy Gertrude. Can you find something in the Manor that will help put a smile back on Grumpy Gertrude’s face? 
  • Find the most hidden items, or find them the fastest to get bonus points and win a spot in the next round

Alpha test launching September, full launch Autumn 2021

Coming Soon

Wonder World

Welcome to Wonder World, the ultimate theme park in Roblox!

Ride around in your own customisable bumper car, explore themed areas with your friends, making it easy to play lots of different games together.

The theme park will be full of fun activities such as:

  • Mazes
  • Crazy cannons
  • Balloon rides
  • Ferris wheel

And many more!

Coming Soon

Run the World

Race across wonderful skylines in Tokyo, London, New York, with many more coming in future updates!

This endless runner will take you around the world, battling against tough cityscapes with many obstacles to overcome. Take off with friends to different locations and find out who really runs the world.

The main goal of the game is to keep running - don’t fall! Running through the course, you’ll find objects to avoid and items to collect, with boosts and upgrades up for grabs!

Coming Soon

Plus there are games we can’t talk about…! 🤫

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Roblox is the best opportunity that brands and startups have ever had to build a large audience profitably. We’re here to help. We’re not just going to build a fun game, we’re just as focused on your commercial objectives.


Original concept design, game design, and character design.


Stunning 3D art created by talented professionals stands out from the millions of fan made games.

Business Modelling

Increase brand exposure, generate revenue, sell merchandise, or launch a new brand. We can help build the business case and ROI forecast.


Insights from our proprietary database tracking over 9m Roblox games


We involve children throughout the design and creation of the games.


Help your Roblox game reach audiences with influencer strategies and advertising on Roblox


We track over 9 million Roblox games every day. We survey thousands of players twice a year. We know what’s hot in Roblox, and so can you.

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  • How to stand out from the crowd and grow your audience

Roblox ROI Report

The ROI report explains how Roblox games make money and demonstrates the return on investment. The business model includes actual advertising spend to acquire players and real revenue data. Our marketing strategy reliably drives installs for as little as $0.02 CPI. Using these tested figures, we show how games can make significant returns while building a large sustainable audience.


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Did you know there are over 1600 unofficial LEGO games in Roblox? It's not just LEGO, kids have made millions of unofficial branded Roblox games. We track over 9m games, sign up to find out what kids are doing with your brand in Roblox.

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